Modern Material is an Interactive Lifestyle Brand Community designed to change the way we think, create, curate, communicate, make, market and monetize our material. Our mission is to build a collaborative coMMerce community among humans, companies and causes to disrupt society's antiquated rules, regulations, practices and human values.

the evolution of equality 




Once upon a time a fashion start-up company led by multi-billion dollar brand builders from Columbus, Ohio collided with the music + entertainment industry in Hollywood, CA. The epic battle for billions of dollars in retail merchandising sales will begin in 2020.

Members of Modern Material will participate in the competition between corporate greed, independent artists, entrepreneurs, movie producers and the dying business of sex, drugs and rock & roll. If the Boys Club wants to make money selling music and movies they will need to learn how to sell something the Modern Material Girls want, need, use and can't live without.


Share your true stories with MM Characters so nobody can judge your book by it's cover. If your story is featured in one of our chapters and episodes you can earn exclusive material.

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No sexual favors required. Women and gay men in the fashion business are treated and paid equally, if not more than straight men. Modern Material will be selling the couch to help actresses pursue their careers, not sleeping or sexually assaulting women on the casting couch.

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Modern Material Characters are inspired by real life people, places, and material things as our stories begin to connect humans to discussions with personalities and people who have life experiences that resonate with us.


Our company is seeking members of society who don't fit the mold.

Meet our Director of Cinematography who is responsible for the overall look of Modern Material. Staley Styles is a transgender advocate, photographer and creative director based in Columbus, OH and Los Angeles, CA.



Not everyone has the same walks of life. Some of us have a pair of $1,440 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes on and some of us have on a dirty old pair of Chucks but money doesn't solve everything. All you really need is one friend who understands what it is like to take a walk in your shoes.


Anything worn by Modern Material characters will be available for pre-order or purchase from their online shop.


I'm glad I helped you out... it makes me feel good...if you ever need to talk you know my number...or MM name :)....So why are you pissed at Chase now...did he say something to Jake or something....fill me in girl....anyways, it doesn't seem like you are online...and I'm extremely tired....so Riley Raines...I will talk to you later and you WILL have a better day...see you later.... love ya...Maxwell

MM: Maxwell Martin's chat to Riley Raines | 1/7/2017 at 4:02 PM

When your secret heart cannot speak so easily...Now that is a line from the song that I think fits the mold perfectly. Don't you think? There's this secret part of our hearts that we are unable to speak of. And it's not easy trying to avoid these feelings, but it's not exactly easy to express them. Ya know what I mean? Anyways, I bought Joe Cocker's Have a Little Faith and the Phenomenon Sndtrk. Cool, huh?

Well I already started making you a tape of them. So hopefully I'll be able to give it to you soon. Hey, weren't you going to make me a tape? Oh, I still have your Rusted Root CD in case you were wondering where the hell it's been.

MM: Kenzie Kitzen on a song lyric that defines her secret relationship with Scott Mitchell

Hey Riley..I understand your message completely...I don't know how to explain my feelings but I do know they are strong...I just think things could be simpler between us...without all the roadblocks. I'm not trying to say my significant other is a roadblock...I love her dearly...but I'm just trying to say this is confusing why this is happening...why do I have such strong feelings for you? Well I know why...you are incredible. There isn't anything about you I don't love.

It makes me a little jealous when I hear you talk about what Chase did for you on Valentine's and stuff. It is kinda funny I think...how I feel this way. That is how I know there is definitely something there.

MM: Maxwell Martin's Message to Riley Raines | 2/17/2017 at 9:24 PM

Um hello, why are you the one who is jealous? I'm hardly in a relationship with anybody, and you, well, need I say? So don't be giving me that shit, okay? I'm just being a little sarcastic.

I wish I would have checked my voice mail last night. I was even on the phone with my friend Parker from Florida. I'm going to be in deep when my mom gets the phone bill. See, what do you have to be jealous of? An extremely high phone bill? Chad only calls me once a month or something like that now. And since he sent that Valentine's Day Card and a dozen roses to school, I haven't gotten an email or letter from him since Thanksgiving either. So is there anything to be jealous of? I think not.

MM: Kenzie Kitzen's Reply to Scott Mitchell | 2/18/1997 at 9:08 PM

A guy I used to go out with, Brad Hansen, the one I met Chad through, called me Saturday night at Cassie's house. He said he doesn't think I should be getting involved with Scott because he has screwed a lot of people over by cheating on them. He said Scott was at a club one night with his friends and he started making out with a girl named Rachel. Brad went on to tell me that Scott was bad news and I shouldn't get involved. I was shocked. Why would Brad care? He's way at college so I don't know how he knew I was at Cassie's.

MM: Kenzie Kitzen's Email to Stephanie Kane | October 17, 1997


Our lives are shaped by our experiences in childhood and adolescence while we become our own person. Memories that we are fond of or forgotten can be triggered every time we smell a certain scent or hear a song from our past. Once we become adults we realize our youth was something we should have cherished and our parents are role models regardless of their qualification.

SWORN TO THE GRAVE by Kenzie Kitzen + Stephanie Kane

Modern Material's Suicidal Stories Volume 01 features a collection of letters, emails and journal entries written between 1997 and 1999 filled with secrets that were Sworn to the Grave. During Stephanie's depression Kenzie gave her a journal to express her emotions. There is one journal missing, presumably kept by Columbus, Ohio Police after questioning Kenzie about Stephanie's Reasons Why she wanted to die. Months of emails stored on their Juno account are no longer accessible but the friends kept years worth of original material. Most of the letters have been published with minor changes to conceal identities.




I started to explain the problems with Scott and Shannon's breakup, how she's gone crazy and he's afraid she might commit suicide. Kelly started getting all defensive and stating her beliefs. She said that if Scott and Shannon broke up, he should have no ties with her and should completely end it and not have anything to do with her. She said it's not a part of his problems to worry if she will commit suicide or whatever.

Aimee Skyler's Email to Stephanie Kane | October 19, 1997

I want to talk about it but I just can't talk about it. I've had serious thoughts of killing myself tonight. I wish I could stop this from happening. I wish I could get it out of my head but it won't go away. That's why I'm pushing the girls out of my life. If I would ever do it I don't want them to get hurt. Promise me you won't tell. I've told my dad and sister so probably the whole damn family knows. There really is no one I can talk to. I wish I had someone older. Someone who has been here.

Stephanie Kane to Aimee Skyler in their 1998 / 1999 Journal

Last week I had plans to bust my ass for finals. 

Well then something terrible and unexpected happened. The next thing I knew there were about 8 cops and 4 paramedics in our apartment. I then sat in the waiting room at the ER till the wee hours of the morning. Finally I made it home to sleep for a few hours, and then get up to take two exams. Neither of which I was able to study for. I failed my math and got a C instead of an A in ID on the final. It was then that I realized another thing. You still did not need me. There you were, lying in the hospital, having just tried to end your life.

The journal, which I had to give to the cops, had a few short thank you and I'm sorry messages. They were to your family and to Jan and Ted and Jackie and Don. Then I realized I was right and Ann was wrong. You didn't need or want me in your life."

Aimee's Email to Stephanie after a Suicide Attempt | Friday, April 9, 1999

Jack will be fine, I promise. Suicide is just a teenage phase. He will grow out of it just like Stephanie. He just needs to be around friends who love music too. Let's take him to a concert when he's back over Spring Break.

Aimee Whitman answering a Distress Call from Christine Durant | January 2007

 I hate that I had no control over how my life was going to turn out. 

I hate how the trauma of Chad’s death has changed the way my brain works. Flashbacks, struggles to focus, anxiety...the irrational fear of getting sick and dying and leaving my girls alone. I hate that Chad turned what had once been an intact, loving, stable, simple, content little family of 4 into a broken family of 3 who lost the person that was supposed to protect and take care of them forever to suicide. 

Shelby Raines on husband Chad Raine's suicide | April 2017


In 2011 Mackenzie Mitchell and Christine Durant were working for an apparel manufacturing company outside Columbus, Ohio when a couple of guys who just started a band stopped by to watch a photo shoot for the Campus Couture fashion brand they were developing. 

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun were sitting alone in a showroom full of pretty girls gossiping about the latest fashion and Kardashians. Nobody cared about who they were but Mackenzie had been listening to their music for weeks. With butterflies in her stomach she got up the nerve to take her pizza over and sit down next to them and tell them about Modern Material, a collaboration of music + style. They were already rock stars in her mind.






New stories, characters, memories, music and merchandise released monthly beginning in January 2020.