We are a team of multi-billion dollar fashion + beauty brand builders who noticed a multi-billion dollar marketing gap in the music + entertainment industry that no longer has a physical product to sell. Our mission to create a fair distribution of consumer revenue to the product and content creators and influencers by establishing a single, convenient online shopping destination to provide the link between art + commerce.



After 4 years of intense develop inside the misogynistic music industry our small team of women were blacklisted from doing business with any artist who had a tour merchandising deal with a mass produced t-shirt company.  With extensive research on revenue generated by recorded music, ticket sales and tour merchandise we reached the conclusion that there is little market interest in the souvenir t-shirt business compared to the sales generated by womens apparel, accessory and beauty products. Instead of giving the control to the men who run the music business and take advantage of women and artists to create pop stars to sell records and tickets, we are creating an Original Television Series inspired by our corporate retail education and life experiences. Ou production will be funded by major brands to share the costs involved in creating a curated direct-to-consumer retail destination.

The Story of Modern Material is inspired by true stories about the rapid decline in revenue in the music, entertainment, fashion, beauty and retail industries after the advancements in technology change the way our material is created and distributed. With a story telling experience similar to Mad Men, Modern Materials's Wonder Women are business leaders who tap into a multi-billion dollar market void between the influence of free fame and the fortunes made by fashion + beauty brands. Modern Material is designed to become the future online distribution destination for the latest material.



Modern Material was founded in 2005 and a music marketing website and is 100% owned and operated by female entrepreneur and art school graduate, Annie Weihrauch, who has more than 15 years of experience and $ 1 Billion in gross retail sales credited to her design work. She spent a total of 6 years working inside the corporate headquarters for Bath & Body Works in Reynoldsburg, Ohio with weekly travel on the company jet to the Soho office in New York. She also led accessory design for a China based manufacturing company for dozens of clients including Victoria's Secret, Express, Lane Bryant, The Limited, Justice, American Eagle, and dozens more. Annie's specialty is in private label branding and product design for manufactures who sell her designs to major retailers including Target, Walmart, Petsmart, Kmart, Walgreens, and many more. Her degree in advertising and passion for music + entertainment have allowed her to see a market opportunity that can provide a new stream of revenue for artists and entertainers who lost their ability to sell a physical product by connecting them to designers and brands who need a new marketing + distribution channel to sell their products.


There are no investors in our company so we can provide high margins for our clients. Rates will be negotiated between the brand and marketing source with a 5% commission taken by Modern Material on all sales generated by our e-commerce store. Clients will pay an annual marketing and merchandising fee to serve as a sponsor for our Hollywood production and e-commerce development. Our curators will connect our clients products to music + entertainment  productions that best fit the lifestyle of their customers. Modern Material will host pre-orders, flash sales, exclusive deals and contests to engage with fans and customers. Merchandise will be drop shipped by the vendor.



Client budgets must be established by September 1st, 2019 to target a production start date of January 1, 2020. We have a funding goal of $5 Million per Episode and E-Commerce development of Modern Material.