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#MyMaterial | 213-340-4797 |
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Modern Material was founded in 2005 as a street team destination to share new material from our favorite new artists. As social media companies began to take over the music marketing space, we shifted our business over to the $3 Trillion per year fashion industry where material costs more than $0.99 for a song or $9.99 for an album. 

We are opening our retail marketplace for recording artists to sell a physical form of material to their audience members to create a new revenue stream which digital music distribution will never be able to take away from them. Instead of limiting their consumer reach to fans who want to buy their merch, artists will serve as our marketing partners for the designers and brands featured in our collections.



We are retail industry leaders teaming up with the music industry to open up a global retail store. Our first call of action is to find the greatest material in the world from songwriters, musicians, designers and consumer brands. Our curators will create collections of music & merchandise each season.



If you have material you would like us to feature in our collections please apply to our Co.{LAB} where you will have access to share your material with our creators + curators. This will be our company's internal resource where we can collaborate with creatives and companies rather than manage a corporation or spend our time searching for new material. If we like what we hear or see, we will feature your work.




Each collection will feature the best new material from artists, designers and brands around the world.



We rely on member support and customer purchases to fund our company. Please apply to our Co.{LAB} as a contributor or purchase a Cassette Card while we are in our recording session each season.